ACES meeting in Budapest

ACES meeting in Budapest


On January 28th, an excited group of students were in the school. They were my classmates and our teachers. We were looking forward to meet Kosovo group. When they arrived we introduced ourselves to each other. My exchange student's name was Dona. She was so friendly, lovely and opened-mind.

Next day our headmaster welcomed the guests and after that we presented the school. During the day we practiced the ACES dance and after that the Kosovo group had a quiz for the Hungarian students. In the afternoon we went sightseeing and visited the Heroes square, Vörösmarty square, Chain bridge...etc. We showed them the interesting sights of the city. It was so nice and amazing trip.

On the third day we had a "workshop" with Sonja (from Austria) and we had to write a rap about Hungary, Budapest cultural identity. It was so creative and funny project. After that we visited a TV channel and 3 Hungarian students asked questions to exchange students. The last programme (the day) was the interactive intercultural evening with the parents. That evening we got acquainted with the culture of Austria and Kosovo. Both of them were really colourful. After the performances we tasted the typical dishes of then three countries, which were all very delicious.

Last day in the morning we went to an English lesson with Mrs Taylor (from Hungary) and we talked about Hungarian inventions.Finally we said good-bye to our guests.

In my opinion these few days with the guests were really enjoyable. We had some good experience and last but no least, it was very useful for language learning purpose too. I'm glad that I could take a part on this exchange programme. Domokos Anna (HU)


Cooking at home:

On the 28th of January, three Hungarian, two Austrian and one boy from Kosovo cooked a dinner for themselves in my home. These boys were we.  First we roasted chicken and cooked the dumpling. While we were waiting for it we laughed a lot with each other and had a great fun. When it completed we had dinner and went back to the kitchen to do the cake. It made by puff-pastry and Hungarian plum jam. Everybody enjoyed it and gorged. The meal was very good. The evening ended soon and we had to go to bed. Pajcsics Előd (HU)



In the school on Tuesday morning we met in a class. We were playing some interesting games, like this: we seat on chairs in a big circle and one person stood up and she or he had to seat down. But those who were sitting there all the time were moving and didn't let sit down who were standing. And we were drawing each other. We made posters about Austria, Kosovo and Hungary. And we wrote the lyrics of a RAP- song. Czipóth Réka (HU)



The second program in Hungary on the day we wanted to show something to our guests in our capital city, Budapest, and some of the city's historic monuments.

First, the Heroes' Square, where we visited the seven kings controlled a large statue and monuments. From there we went to the underground train to Opera. It was funny to see that people like us older kids did not know the subway and city life. Escalator or even never before travelled, constantly afraid of falling, so be careful actions figure came out!

Then we travelled on Vörösmarty Square and we walked out to the Danube Korzó. They can also be found in the beautiful Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge. I literally told them this is a miracle and really happy to be part of this experience.

In the afternoon, we went to Kosovo at the request of the Westend mall girls, have never had such a large business house and could not get enough of the scenery! Those interested as most of the shops where fine jewellery and souvenirs to buy themselves a trip to commemorate Hungary.

We got home tired, but a good day behind us would have known! Nemes Dorottya (HU)


ACES dance

In that change programme we had to teach the dance of Aces to the children from Austria and Kosovo. Before their arrival, fist we learnt the entire dance and practised it, because we wanted that everything’s going to be fine, when they will be there. That’s why when it was time to do it, we touch them and finally everybody danced together. Fortunately we filmed how we danced, so we will remember those moments. Lékai Fanni (HU)


At TV13


Last Wednesday we went o the district’s TV channel, to the TV13. We asked some Kosovar and Austrian people about their country and about they used media. I was lucky that I could try the camera, and I could help the TV’s people to shoot the daily children news. I really enjoyed it, and after that all we had a lot of beautiful time together. Bencsik Péter (HU)



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