Köflach beszámoló

On November 18th, early morning an excited group of people were standing at the railway station. They were my classmates, our two teachers and me and we were looking forward to our trip to Austria.  The journey to Köflach was rather long and tiring. Looking at the scenery through the train windows we could already notice the differences between the two places. We saw huge mountains and plenty of green areas.


When we got off the train we were introduced to our host students whose task was to show us the sights of the town. The town was much smaller and much quieter than Budapest. In the evening we should have cooked a meal together with the family but we got to their house so late that the mother had already made our dinner.

Next morning we started in class 1/a where we were taught a lovely song and a dance, too. During the day we had some time to practise our presentation for the intercultural evening. Besides, we took part in a programme called worksp(aces) where we were put into different groups together with some students from class 3 and we had to go through 12 "stops" or obstacles together on a kind of intellectual obstacle course. The topic of the stops was mainly in connection with the media.



In the afternoon we could Skype with our classmates left in Budapest. It was nice to see them and it was funny at the same time as we had to communicate with them in English. A person from the Austrian and another one from the Hungarian management of the school also shared their opinions about the programme. That evening we got acquainted with the culture of Austria and Kosovo. Both of them were really interesting. After the performances we tasted the typical dishes of the three countries, which were all very delicious.



On the third day we had to help a few classes of the local school through those obstacles that we had completed the previous day. I helped them in recognizing the folk music of the three countries. After that we visited a school in Voitsberg where we presented our performance and the girls from Kosovo performed a dance. In the rest of the time we had some time left to talk in smaller groups and get to know each other better. After that we took a train to Graz where we were interviewed at Radio Igel. They asked us different questions about the programme and about our impressions of the country. When we arrived back from Graz, we should have done something in connection with the media with the family but we got into the car and they showed me the sights of the town. After that we saw a film with my host family’s daughter, Michelle.



Last day, in the morning we went sightseeing and then we discussed the programmes with the students of class 3. Last we said good-bye to our Austrian host students and then we had lunch. Finally we said good-bye to the students from Kosovo as well and we got on the train.

It was an exhausting journey again, as we had to change trains twice. In my opinion these few days in Köflach were really enjoyable. We had some good experience and last but not least, it was very useful for language learning purposes, too. I am glad that I could take part in this exchange programme. J




                                                                                  Katonáné Mayrer Katalin and  9.a



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